Lewis Society is Meeting Online

Lewis Society is Meeting Online

It feels like the frost of the pandemic is thawing a bit, with more businesses being allowed to open. I noticed more traffic and some open restaurants, including a few of my favorite places that survived! I hope you, too, are feeling at the very least a sense of optimistic caution as the thaw continues.
We’ll stick with our virtual format this month for our meeting.
TOPIC: Jim Prothero will be revealing the book that, in his words, “has me in a prolonged wrestle and looks like it will pin me.” Let’s see if we can help Jim flip his opponent into submission! The first two chapters are here in an attachment for you to read before the meeting if you wish.
What follows is the general information regarding ZOOM. The good news is that I have an account now, so we don’t have to cut the meeting short. Of course, you are always free to leave early if needed. PLEASE READ THIS EMAIL TO THE END because your ZOOM link is in the last paragraph. I hope we’ll see you there!
  • ZOOM looks different on different devices meaning that if you use a phone or tablet, you may need to do a bit more scrolling to see everyone.
  • Know if you will be using PC or MAC. If MAC go to your APP store asap and download the app BEFORE our meeting. Desktop PC probably won’t need the app. A laptop might, but as soon as you click on the invitation, it will guide you on what to do.
  • Your device/computer must have a camera, or you won’t be seen. I think all devices have built-in speakers now, so no worries there.
  • Please try to set set up early. You’ll be placed in the “waiting room” until I start the meeting.
  • Click “Gallery View” so you can see everyone.
  •  Take a look at this PDF. It is an excellent “first time user” guide so simple! It has other helpful links if you need them. https://www.goucher.edu/learn/graduate-programs/distance-learning-resources/documents/student_documents/HowtoParticipateInAZoomMeeting.pdf  But please don’t use the “virtual background” option… it’s distracting and makes people look a bit strange. LOL!
Below is your link for the ZOOM invite. If you click it before Wednesday …you won’t see anything.
Be sure to note the numeric password before you Click the provided https link because you’ll need it to be placed in the “waiting room” until I let you in.  Next, click the link below where it says “Join Zoom Meeting”. You can ignore all the phone numbers at the bottom unless you are dialing in.

Hope Langevin is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: SCCSLS WED 6/17/20 Meeting
Time: Jun 17, 2020 07:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 813 4765 6478
Password: 659803

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